Heronviews is a French business agency operating internationally. We exclusively specialize in the business expansion projects of our clients in France and step by step in Europe.

We have 4 main activities:

– we advise you on your business expansion strategy in France,

– we carry benchmarks for your products/services and share our findings and conclusions. Our expertise is to benchmark the mass retailers and the web e-commerce.

– we provide business services for the implementation of your expansion strategy,

– we help you to effectively manage your business operations in the French market.


You are a foreign medium sized company and you wish to develop on the French market?

We support you in building and implementing the expansion strategy.

We offer business, marketing, design and HR services, allowing you to reach your business goals quickly.

Our expertise is to target and search customers matching with your activity, products & services and help you close sizable businesses.

In close contact with clients, our expertise is to present your product and service offer, identify business leads with profesionnalism.

We provide guidance for your operations and client’s negotiations.

We are your business accelerator!

Commercial and consulting agency

Our customers

Our clients are mostly foreign medium sizes companies wishing to invest in the development of their positions on the French market. In terms of ethics, the companies that we represent must be irreproachable with regard to their social policy and the impact of their activity on the environment. In a context of international inflation and accelerated business transformation, our customers rely more than ever on the expertise, professionalism and customer proximity of Heronviews to ensure the sustainability and development of their business in the French market.

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