Our customers

Why choose Heronviews ?

We work with French and foreign medium sized companies that have an expansion project in France and gradually in Europe . These are companies with an international outlook, understanding that business prospecting is a matter of time, patience and perseverance, which invest to position themselves and develop sustainably in the target markets and countries. By constantly adapting to the economic, political and legal environment of the target country, we work together daily to acquire new customers for existing products. We help them expand into new distribution channels. We help them innovate with new product developments. Together we execute an ambitious business strategy!

The companies that use a professionnal Sales Agency like Heronviews are likelier to achieve a sustainable growth than their competitors!

Heronviews help you:

  • build together your expansion strategy in France,
  • implementing the expansion strategy with sales, negotiation, product management and RH services,
  • during the main stages of your business growth
  • increase your business turnover and volumes in France.