Nadine Gesbert

Nadine Gesbert

Prospection commerciale

5 secrets for successful sales prospecting

Marketing is constantly evolving and sales techniques are constantly adapting to new customer expectations. However, if there’s one thing that remains essential, it’s sales prospecting. Discover 5 secrets for optimising your sales prospecting and your results. 1. Perfect knowledge of…

L'externalisation commerciale pour dynamiser la croissance

Boost your growth with sales outsourcing

Today’s markets are highly competitive and under pressure. Your company needs to adapt constantly to remain competitive. There are various strategies for optimising the performance of your teams. Among them, sales outsourcing offers a particularly effective solution for delegating certain…

Préparation d'une mission commerciale

The missions of sales staff in 2024  

The sales profession is constantly evolving. New technologies, the changing needs of customers and the versatility of markets mean that sales people have to be ever more agile. Today’s salespeople have a wide range of tasks to perform, all of…