Boost your growth with sales outsourcing

Today’s markets are highly competitive and under pressure. Your company needs to adapt constantly to remain competitive. There are various strategies for optimising the performance of your teams.

Among them, sales outsourcing offers a particularly effective solution for delegating certain tasks so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Find out how sales outsourcing can boost your company’s growth.

What is sales outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing involves entrusting functions such as marketing, sales, logistics and customer service to external service providers. These service providers give you the benefit of their expertise, their network and the latest technologies and methods on the market. You gain in efficiency without having to hire and train dedicated in-house staff.

The benefits of sales outsourcing

There are many of them, all of which contribute to making your company a model of competitiveness in the face of your competitors.

Saving time and improving efficiency

Delegating a certain number of tasks will enable you to devote most of your time to high added-value tasks. You’ll be able to concentrate on managing your business, developing your strategies and managing your teams.

When it comes to business outsourcing, service providers are generally particularly efficient. They have cutting-edge expertise and high-performance technological tools at their disposal to accomplish their mission.

Gagner en temps et en efficacité grâce a l externalisation commerciale

Cost optimisation

By opting for sales outsourcing, you can be sure of making savings on your operational costs. The functions entrusted to specialist service providers mean that you don’t have to invest in recruitment, training and dedicated equipment. What’s more, you’ll often benefit from highly competitive rates because external players pool their resources across several customers.

Greater flexibility and adaptability

Today, your company needs to be able to adapt with agility to the constraints of your market in order to remain competitive. The flexibility offered by external service providers is impossible to replicate in-house. You can work perfectly well on a model of one-off assignments or fixed-term projects. The choice of service provider can vary according to your needs, which is not the case with in-house teams. 

Access to high-quality expertise

Commercial outsourcing gives you access to know-how and expertise that is often far superior to anything you could hope to obtain in-house. Specialist service providers are generally experts in their field. They can offer you innovative and effective solutions to help you achieve your sales objectives. They also have the advantage of being proactive.

How do you successfully outsource sales?

Sales outsourcing is undeniably a major asset for your company’s growth. However, for it to work, you need to respect a certain number of “rules”.

Clearly define your objectives and expectations

For sales outsourcing to be a success, you need to define your commercial objectives and expectations clearly and precisely.

  • The key performance indicators (KPIs) you want to improve.
  • The specific skills you need.
  • The timing of actions and results.
  • The reporting methods.

Only a clear vision of what you expect will enable you to assess whether the chosen service provider meets your expectations.

Définir les objectifs

Choosing the right service provider

This is undoubtedly the most important stage in the success of your sales outsourcing. You need to take the time to assess the skills, experience and references of the various candidates. Ask for recommendations and/or consult online reviews to help you make your decision.

Implementing effective communication

A good communication with your service provider will facilitate the success of your collaboration. Define clear communication channels and organise a regular monitoring of project progress. Share all the information you have to help your service provider fully understand your market and your specific challenges.

Rigorous monitoring of performance

The effectiveness of your sales outsourcing depends essentially on monitoring the performance achieved against your objectives. Don’t just wait for the dead line of a project or assignment to assess the results. Adjust your strategy in real time with your service provider to put every chance of success on your side.

Sales outsourcing represents a powerful growth lever for your company if it is implemented perfectly. Thanks to the skills of external experts, you gain in efficiency and flexibility and optimise your costs.

At Heronviews, we’ll be delighted to help you define your objectives. Contact us to move up a gear and give your growth the boost it deserves.