The missions of sales staff in 2024  

The sales profession is constantly evolving. New technologies, the changing needs of customers and the versatility of markets mean that sales people have to be ever more agile.

Today’s salespeople have a wide range of tasks to perform, all of which require a high degree of versatility.

Find out more about the main tasks of a salesperson and the training required to practise this exciting profession.

Prospecting: an essential mission  

In the world of sales, it all starts with prospecting. Listening to the market and hunting down potential new customers is an important part of a salesperson’s job.

It’s a crucial step in ensuring a company’s long-term future. Acquiring new customers helps boost sales, the lifeblood of growth.

Telephone and digital prospecting  

In the past, door-to-door canvassing and phoning had their heyday. These “traditional” methods, although still in use, have been largely overtaken by digital channels.

Prospection téléphonique et numérique, une des missions du commercial

Today’s salespeople have a whole arsenal at their disposal for making contact with prospects. They can, and should, use social networks, e-mail and contact platforms.

Digital prospecting offers tenfold work power.

On the other hand, it requires mastery of IT tools and constant adaptability to new market trends.

Selling products and services: the heart of the business

Identifying prospects, making contact, setting up appointments and using your negotiating skills are all essential steps for a salesperson. Selling your company’s products or services means knowing them inside out.

This includes technical characteristics, competitive advantages and customer benefits. A salesperson must therefore master sales techniques and know how to adapt his or her discourse to the profile and needs of each prospect.

Building customer loyalty  

Closing a sale is only the beginning of a successful business relationship. A good salesperson ensures that the operation runs smoothly from start to finish. This includes delivery, possible commissioning, and even a demonstration or quick training session for the customer.

From then on, the salesperson will seek to maintain the relationship with the customer, with the aim of building loyalty. The implementation of targeted sales actions or personalized operations helps to consolidate the commercial relationship. Retaining a satisfied customer costs less than acquiring a prospect.

Administrative management of customers, one of the salesperson’s tasks 

This is an invisible yet essential part of a salesperson’s work in customer relations. It involves following up orders, drawing up quotations and contracts, and managing any disputes that may arise. 

Gestion administrative des clients

Administrative management requires organization and rigor. It’s important to avoid any problems with invoicing, delivery times or the quality of products or services sold. 

Organizing tours and appointments  

A salesperson is a person of the field. As such, they organize and plan their rounds and appointments. They must optimize their time management to maximize their chances of closing sales.

This requires a good knowledge of their geographical area, as well as effective management of priorities and emergencies. A salesperson must anticipate her or his travels and customer meetings, to avoid wasting unnecessary time.

What training do you need to become a salesperson? 

The sales profession can be accessed via a number of routes. Initial training in business or sales (Bac+2 to Bac+5) is generally required. However, many salespeople are self-taught.

Specific continuing education courses are available in the sales field. Sales techniques or customer portfolio management can be studied for potential promotion or retraining.

Key commercial skills

Diplomas and training are one thing, but they are not enough to become an excellent salesperson. This profession requires personal skills, the famous soft skills, to achieve ambitious goals.

  • The ability to communicate and convince
  • Active listening and empathy
  • Perseverance and tenacity
  • Autonomy and initiative
  • Curiosity and constant monitoring of markets and the competition.

Sales is an exciting profession in more ways than one. It has many facets and is constantly evolving. In 2023, the tasks of a sales representative are rich and varied. They require great adaptability in the face of new market challenges.

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